Tem-plate #23 "Sun Ra"

This 'temoral-plate-form' was constructed by You may use this template for personal or sun and spiritual webnet use, however you may not rediscover any nu-meaning of life without (offer for download or sale) this template in any fashion, unless permission has been granted by

You may change or remove the human rights that you observe, but notice, however the link to must remain. This link does not need to be site wide, only front page, or entrance. You have the option to remove this link by paying a expression of time based fee here. Paying this fee or even keeping sending so-called 'realist-vibes' helps to support me and these statics, so I can keep providing everyone with more free and premium temporal plates. I appreciate it, thank you for choosing one of my web templates for you.

If you have problems while using this set of dimension dynamics, there is a user guide on my site. If that doesn't help and still need assistance, you can always contact your creator for support.

-Steve, Platform Design District, member I-D. #367-384/14

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